Soap sizes

Soap sizing is a tricky business for a few reasons. This is why the bar you receive may be a few grams bigger than the minimum listed on the product page.

The reasons for these variations are:

  • Each bar is hand cut. As much as we strive for neat, even bars sometimes these cuts are not perfectly accurate.
  • Soaps shrink as they cure. The curing process lets excess water evaporate and the bars harden, so the bars will be lighter than when it was first cut
  • The height of the bars will also effect the weight, taller bars simply have a bit more soap than shorter ones.

Standard bars 

Though 'standard' is a bit of a misnomer, as described above there will always be some variation between the bars. 

This one is our Shire Soap bar, with tape measure for scale.

This bars are made in log molds and hand cut into bars about 2cm wide. These bars end up being about 7cm by 7cm and at least 75 grams. Usually the cured soaps are closer to 80 grams, but we'd rather under promise and over deliver.


These two bars are freshly cut and uncured. The left is out Basic Bar, uncoloured and unscented, and the right is Pumpkin Spice Latte. These bars look fairly similar in size.


On the scales it's a  similar story. The basic bar is 103 grams, while The Pumpkin Spice Latte is 102 grams. 

Once cured, it's a different story.


These two soaps have been cured, left is Lemon Laundry Soap, right is Afterparty Soap. These are fairly similar in size, but the scales tell a different story.


The Lemon Laundry Soap is 86 grams, while Afterparty is 79 grams. When originally cut, these both weighed around 100 grams, like the uncured soaps above.

Guest Bars

These bars are molded, not cut so they have a more consistent size. Smaller than standard bars, these soaps are 6cm by 4cm by 2cm and weigh at least 55 grams.

Non-standard bars

These bars are measured on a case by case basis since, being non standard, there's less consistency between the different batches. Our Pumpkin Pie Soap are a good example of these.


In these instances, the weights and approximate sizes will be shown on the listing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at and let us know!